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Say Hello to Miss Sabrina

brenham newborn photographer

Welcome to the World, Sabrina! I was so honored to be asked to photograph sweet Sabrina and the rest of the Loesch family just a few weeks after she was born. Let me tell you, that girl is awesome! Her newborn session happened at the family's home in Brenham and I even got to spend some great one-on-one time with Big Sis, Sophia. As you can see, Sophia was stoked to have a new little sister to help take care of:

Once Miss Sabrina was ready, we got some great shots of the two sisters. You can tell these two are going to be instant friends!

Even Mom and Dad joined in. I love being able to customize my newborn sessions with a blend of fun family portraits and more formal newborn setups.

Finally, we moved onto Sabrina's solo portion! She was such a trooper and once she got a good amount of bottle in her tummy, she slept like... well, a baby! Her sweet chubby cheeks and little toes were so adorable to capture. Not going to lie, I got a little bit (ok, A LOTTA bit) of baby fever by the end of this session!

A big thank you to the Loesch family for letting me be a part of Sabrina's welcoming home. This family is so wonderful and I am blessed to be able to call them amazing clients and true friends. Here's to sweet Sabrina and I'm sending prayers for a wonderful first year (and lots of sleep for Mom and Dad)!


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