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Hello Baby Harley!

Brenham newborn photographer

Ok, I have to confess. I have been waiting to meet Miss Harley for YEARS. She just happens to be one of my very best friend's first baby, and I am so honored to be able to capture her first days here on Earth. Emily and Larry have stepped into the parenthood craziness like seasoned vets, and I can't express how proud and happy I am for them. Harley is a wonderful addition to the Leimer family and I am so happy to call her my newest littlest client. Here is a whole bunch of cuteness. Enjoy!

I started Harley's session with a nice snug wrap and got her nice and comfy. Wrapping helps calm babies and helps them settle into the rhythm of the session.

After getting some variety with different wraps and setups, Harley decided it was snack time. As any mom can tell you, newborns tell you what the schedule is, not the other way around. We definitely followed Harley's cues and just went with the flow. #lifegoals, right?

Snack time ended and Harley was nice and full. Perfect time to bring Big Brother Bear in to be part of the action. Oh, Bear.... I love that crazy pup. He is an amazing big brother and it is really awesome to watch him be so loving with his new little sister. Gives me all the feels! And did I mention that the crib Harley is in was the same crib that Dad slept in as a baby?! I LOVE being able to incorporate family heirlooms and special momentos into all my sessions. That makes for the most special memories.

Next, it was Mom and Dad's turn. Watching new parents enjoy the awesomeness of parenthood is so special. Emily and Larry are totally smitten and you can tell how much happiness Harley brings them.

We ended the session with a very special setup. Emily really wanted to utilize her wedding dress somehow. It's a perfect blend of two incredible life moments. From bride to mama. I fell in love with this idea and ran with it. So much sweetness!

Miss Harley, you stole my heart. You are a perfect blend of your Mom and Dad. Welcome to the extended friend-family, sweet girl! Your kinda cousins can't wait to meet you!

Much Love,

brenham photographer

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