FAQ Friday: What to Wear to Your Family Session

Brenham family photographer

This time of year can be busy for everyone. Between kids' Fall schedules, holidays, family visits, and oh yeah, sleep, there's not much time left to perfectly plan out your family's wardrobe for your Fall family portrait session. Here at Julia Ervin Photography, I always set up an appointment with my clients (whether on the phone or in person) to really dive into what makes for a good collective look. When it comes to the clothes on your back, it's not a boss-level challenge once you know a few simple tricks to make life easier.

Brenham family photographer

Tip #1:

Use your home for inspiration

You spend a lot of time making sure every room in your home is welcoming and cozy. And I bet you use colors and decor that make you happy and compliment your style. I believe that our house reflects our personality. If you are stuck on what type of pattern or color scheme to dress your family in, then let your home speak to you for inspiration. Bonus: you know your portraits will look great when hung on your wall since the colors already go with your throwpillows! Score!

Tip #2:

Mom, dress yourself first!

Brenham family photographer

Ladies, I know that putting yourself before the welfare (and cuteness) of your children is hard. But this tip helps you have a starting point to build around. Plus, if mama ain't comfy, ain't nobody comfy! Find styles, colors, and shapes that both flatter you and make you feel good! Don't feel beautiful in yellow? Then don't force yourself to wear a yellow dress just because it matches your daughter's bow. Trust me, it helps to put yourself first sometimes #selfcare!

Tip #3:

Choose 3-4 colors and stick to it

Brenham family photographer